Retail Stores of the Future: Key trends for reinventing the grocery industry with “Supermarket 2020”

Symphony RetailAI has identified key trends for reinventing the grocery industry with “Supermarket 2020” findings. These findings pinpoint the market forces that are driving radical disruption in supermarkets. This video is Symphony RetailAI’s vision for grocery reinvention over the next few years. Read more in press release. 

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    Consumer behavior is changing and the Supermarket needs to change accordingly. At Symphony RetailAI, we have been analyzing the latest trends in grocery throughout the USA and Europe, and believe there are key shifts that have changed consumer behavior.

    • Pantry loading trips are declining, and online or quick trips are increasing.

    • Technology and in-store retail are joining forces to carve out traditional center store purchases, to disrupt the whole industry.

    • Time starvation has given rise to prepared food and grab & go options.

    • And Discounters are challenging traditional grocery stores, bringing more than just discounted prices.

    There is so much change happening that current supermarket formats need to create innovative, customer centric shopping experiences, which meet the needs and demands of the modern shopper. That’s why we Supermarket 2020, a vision for new grocery stores and how we might experience grocery shopping in the future.

    Current store layouts are no longer meeting the demands of today’s customers, we think the store of the future will have a host of customer centric features.

    Multi-channel and convenience shopping have given way to a massive re-imagination of the center store.

    New Click & Collect areas are accessible in-store or via Drive-thru.

    And we see a pharmacy located near Click & Collect for fast collection.

    Specialty food court with in-store dining and food-to-go offers provide convenience for time starved shoppers. And they can shop Click & Collect items while they dine.

    With the growth in Click & Collect there will be a reduction in the traditional grocery area, while engagement is increased with an updated fresh and modern market feel to traditional departments.

    Third party concessions have a walk-thru access into the main store. And strip mall tenants in small formats that are easy to navigate, off set property costs and give convenient walk-thru access to the main store.

    There is a new focus on grab & go areas to rationalise options for customers. And regional sourced suppliers provide natural produce and meat.

    We see a Farmer’s market in each store where ingredients are paired together throughout the department and QR code technology provides instant information and recipes about the product.

    The re-designed center store features in-store quick service and deli food restaurants, offering healthy eat-in options and pre-packed meal kits. Food court style seating encourages customers to dine-in and consume their food-to-go purchases immediately. Touch screens on each table allow customers to engage with new products online, scan their loyalty card and search for new offers and promotions as they eat.

    There is an immediate Click & Collect service, in-store pick-up and delivery, and a special product aisle with assortment changing twice a week to surprise and delight the customer.

    Checkouts have changed too, with 80% being self-checkout units and only 20% traditional man-belted checkouts.

    Finally, to collect our Click & Collect purchases, the store will feature drive-thru options for smaller orders and a loading dock for larger items.

    Supermarket 2020 a vision for customer centric grocery shopping.

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