Nestlé Purina PetCare sees virtual reality as innovative lever

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Virtual reality is fast becoming a way to sidestep the physical limitations that impede CPG manufacturers’ and retailers’ agile adaptation to constant consumer demand. Nestlé Purina drives retail innovation and moves beyond physical boundaries using virtual reality, accelerating concept to in-store execution time.


Nestlé Purina PetCare supplies dog food, cat food, litter, and pet care solutions to the world. With over $12 billion sales revenue, Nestlé Purina is one of the world’s leading pet care manufacturer’s and has been a forerunner in the scientific advancement of pet nutrition for over eighty years.


Nestle Purina recognized that physical build-outs of planograms, shelf ideas, and category concepts were time-consuming, required a lot of space, difficult to execute and very expensive.  With the nature of the retail environment evolving at such a rapid pace, Nestlé Purina researched new and innovative technologies that kept up to speed with the changing marketplace, and that would allow them to drive better collaboration with their retail partners.


After researching new technologies and working with an array of vendors, Nestlé Purina decided to invest in virtual reality, specifically Store Planning technology. The technology enables them to create multiple scenarios and iterations in a fast, efficient and inexpensive manner as it’s rare that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution meets retailer expectations.

“We use the technology to engage with our customers in a new and unique way. Instead of showing them PowerPoint after PowerPoint or showing them a demo that might not be to scale, we’re able to use the virtual reality technology in ways that offer customized solutions and allow us to make changes over and over and over again.”

Kenny Endermuhle, Senior Manager of Retail Innovation Strategy, Nestlé Purina

When selecting the vendor, Nestlé Purina chose Symphony RetaiAI for their flexibility and support to build a solution that dramatically improves retailer engagements. “We found that the partnership with Symphony RetailAI has really worked for us, because they flex with us. …  It’s been a partnership now that we’ve been building for many, many years and I don’t see it really stopping.”


  • 7 out of 10 customer engagements include virtual demonstrations​
  • Accelerated time to market because of clear, precise, common vision​
  • Lowered risk of execution v building live test environments
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