Longo’s unifies its supply chain

Longo’s implements: supply chain, demand forecasting, analytics and in-store inventory management solutions to gain operational visibility and deliver on its promise of 'best food customer experience, everytime.'


Longo’s is a family run company located in Toronto, Canada. It operates 32 brick-and-mortar stores in two formats: a small, convenience-focused format located in urban Toronto, and a traditional 45,000-50,000 square foot format. In addition to physical stores, Longos also operates the leader in online sales of home-delivered groceries, Grocery Gateway, that primarily serves the Greater Toronto area.

Longo’s currently has over 5,000 employees, and has been selected as one of Canada’s Top 50 privately managed companies by the Financial Post newspaper for nine consecutive years (2010-2018), achieving platinum status.


Longo’s primary challenge was that it was using fragmented systems and an ERP platform that was at the end of its life and no longer supported. It wanted to find a system that would provide an integrated approach to help manage its business. Fresh item management was a key consideration. Longo’s prides itself on offering the best food experience to every customer, every time.

Longo’s primary goal was a fully integrated data model with advanced capabilities that would allow it to be more scalable, share information across the business, and enable better and more efficient business decisions.

“One of the critical things for our program rollout is the partnership that we have with Symphony RetailAI. It’s essential that we’re working together and we collaborate, and we’ve seen that so far on our project, which has been fantastic for us as a customer.”

Alicia Samuel, Director IT Business Solutions, Longo’s


Longo’s selected Symphony RetailAI’s suite of supply chain management solutions as well as supply chain insights, store operations and vendor collaboration to achieve its business goals. With Symphony RetailAI, Longo’s has a unified platform that will enable it to share information across the entire enterprise and integrate all of its data from warehouses and suppliers, to demand forecasting, analytics, BI and in-store execution of inventory and replenishment activities.


  • Simplified and unified end-to-end supply chain technology footprint
  • Improved fresh item management capabilities – fresh food experience is a key differentiator for Longo’s
  • Store operations and supply chain insights enable efficient operations and seamless communication from stores to HQ and everywhere in between
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