Increasing your share of the health and wellness spend: Four building blocks grocery retailers should consider to reach the health-conscious shopper

Choice, inspiration, reach and partnership are key to attracting and retaining the health-conscious shopper. Sounds simple? It can be.

Health conscious consumers are different. They spend more, they shop more frequently. They’re fickle. They’ll spend time and money to ensure that their health needs are met, and if they’re not, their loyalty to a retailer quickly erodes. We all know that health trends evolve, and health-focused shoppers want to know that the retailer is keeping abreast.

From our work with FMCG retailers in the US, Europe and Asia, we’ve seen the power of using customer insight to support the implementation of a health agenda. This experience that has led us to four building blocks that help retailers to engage and nurture loyalty with the health-conscious shopper.

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Choice: Make health easier

There is a perception that making healthier purchases is more expensive, so those that offer a choice at the right price will attract and retain customers. Identify the gaps in your assortment and optimize where there is a clear intent for healthy purchasing, and then make healthy selections affordable. Differentiating through niche and innovative healthy private brands should be a strong consideration – it is predicted that by 2020, the percentage of supermarket revenue from the private label will reach 40-45%

Inspiration: Identify health events

It’s easy for customers to “fall off the wagon,” and many need motivation and inspiration. To inspire them to stay on track, you can bring health and wellness strategies to life with in-store pop-up concepts that promote the breadth and range of products. Promotional campaigns based on health-benefits, rather than just price reductions, are also a good way to educate your customers and keep them motivated.

Reach: Reward healthy choices

Healthy households today account for less than 25% of all carded households, but there is an opportunity to capture this growing health conscious segment. To engage them, promote and reward healthy baskets all the way to the checkout. Along the way, make it easy for customers by offering subscription services for healthy meals and consider online or in-store nutritional and health programs, developing recipes and offering healthy alternatives to some of the everyday basics.

Partnerships: Act as a health advocate

The easiest way to get customers to maintain their healthy lifestyle is to help them. Become a health advocate and make health information more accessible and create collaborations with on-trend advocates and events. Hy-Vee launched a dietician program in selected stores with on-site fitness centers. Dieticians offer many services, like providing samples of nutritional products, or leading store tours to showcase items that align with a customer’s particular needs.

To learn more about the health conscious consumer and other retailers initiatives under the four building blocks, read our viewpoint paper, Health-Conscious Retailing: Challenges and opportunities with evolving customer health and wellness needs.

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