Giant Eagle improves efficiency and effectiveness of personalized marketing campaigns

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US supermarket chain Giant Eagle knew it had a wealth of data available to them from their loyalty card program, but lacked the tools to fully take advantage of it. Today, Giant Eagle leverages Symphony RetailAI’s personalized marketing solution to drive greater efficiencies to gain insights into their customers and executing targeted personalized marketing campaigns, at scale.


Giant Eagle is a US supermarket chain with over 400 retail locations consisting of 120,000 sq. foot supermarket stores, experiential Market District stores, and GetGo Café + Market and fuel stations. It has served the grocery industry for more than 80 years and now has over 32,000 employees across Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and Maryland.


Giant Eagle’s personalized marketing program was very manual. All promotional offers were handled in multiple Excel spreadsheets. It knew there was opportunity to be gained from their customer data thanks to their loyalty program and undertook a market search for a solution that enabled them to maximize their loyalty data investment as well as targeted personalized marketing campaigns, giving them the agile marketing required today.


Giant Eagle needed a vendor with a solution that could be used by its marketing team, but  that also had the experience to help guide solution use and CRM strategy. After a thorough search, Giant Eagle selected Symphony RetailAI. The solution’s robust campaign and offer management capabilities, the extensive experience in grocery retail, and ability to proactively support Giant Eagle’s strategy, made Symphony RetailAI the clear choice.

Giant Eagle has deployed Symphony RetailAI’s personalized marketing solution and its category planning solution in order to have a connected suite of solutions that both marketing and category teams can utilize. This allows both teams to “speak the same language” when it comes to customer segmentations, sharing data and insights that allow for better decisions and execution in each solution.


Since deploying Symphony RetailAI’s personalized marketing solution, Giant Eagle has seen many benefits:

  • Greater efficiency – they can now execute multiple campaigns simultaneously. All their offers are in one place and easy to update.
  • Greater targeting precision – with Artificial Intelligence, they can now precisely determine which customers should be targeted with the right offers, and they can also quickly get visibility on offer redemption.
  • Greater collaboration with CPG partners – as the solution clearly defines targeting modes and the offer program, it’s easier to share this information with CPG partners in order to gain their participation in Giant Eagle’s marketing programs.
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