Solving the Trade Promotion Problem

Trade promotion spending is one of the largest expenses consumer brands incur but an estimated 75% of dollars spent don’t generate an ROI. That needs to change, but increased competition, inflation, and heightened trading partner expectations, make the situation more challenging.

The good news is trade promotions are being transformed through advanced technologies. Brand can break through the data-rich, insights-poor dilemma to deliver superior results and improve ROI. Join this live webinar and Q&A session with industry leaders in trade promotion optimization from Symphony RetailAI as they share new strategies, tactics, and technologies to optimize promotion dollars and drive new revenue opportunities.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Next-gen strategies for leveraging analytics to identify high performing promotions across channels, retailers, markets, and products.
  • Best practices of market leaders to monitor spend effectiveness and competitive positioning.
  • Winning trade promotion strategies for an inflationary environment. • How AI-powered solutions are optimizing promotional performance.
  • Unlocking the power of prescriptive capabilities to automate actions for better outcomes.

Join this panel discussion on trade promotion optimization and discover how to achieve better results Presented by Rachael Hadaway, Sr VP of Product Management, Customer-Centric Retailing and CPG at Symphony RetailAI Mike Troy, Sr. Director, Content & Thought Leadership at Symphony RetailAI.


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