Delivering relevant offers to customers in real-time is key to driving sales – AI makes it more possible than ever before

Today’s FMCG retailers continue to struggle with how to ensure they are reaching customers with the right offers at the right time. It’s not a task that can be done manually. Marketers are now turning their attention to AI-enabled marketing solutions to aggregate data from across the omni-channel spectrum and create predictive behavior models to help deliver smarter, faster and more relevant campaigns.

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    One of the specific areas where we’ve applied AI is in our Personalized MarketingAI solution. If you look at an organization that’s trying to really reach their customers in-context, in a manner that’s relevant to them, it’s very difficult to do on a one-to-one basis. You have millions and millions of customers and a certain amount of offers – being able to look, on a real-time basis, at which customer should receive which offers, is not something you can do manually.

    So, our offer allocation engine is all machine learning and AI-enabled. It’s selecting the best offers on an individual basis for every one of your customers. What’s the result of that? The result is, it’s much more relevant. We’re seeing higher redemption rates and participation rates, which drives increased sales performance. And when I say “higher,” I’m not talking about, you know, 50% higher, we’re seeing up to four times the performance in terms of those metrics using the AI-enabled platform.

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