Deliver flawless planogram generation and execution with SR Shelf Planning

How can you execute flawless planograms available in real-time, that simplifies collaboration with your organization as well as your supplier or retailer partner? Look no further than SR Shelf Planning. With this solution you can execute retail space planning and create planograms that accurately represent category assortments, and the shelf space and fixtures to which they relate including comprehensive reporting, fixture building, item maintenance, highlighting, 3D visualisation and days of supply balancing.

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    Space planning is now part of a much broader approach to a category managers role as part of the category planning process that is now expected to address strategy, floor space allocation, financial budgeting, assortment planning, planogramming, development of own label and joint business planning with suppliers, to name just a few. Speed is critical, which can only be accelerated if category planning solutions connect the enterprise to their shopper’s purchasing behaviors.

    This is why we developed SR Shelf Planning as part of our next generation category planning platform.

    SR Shelf Planning enables organizations to transform retail by generating planograms tailored to clusters or individual stores and its customers. Retailers and manufacturers using SR Shelf Planning know their assortments will always fit the store space, offer the optimal selection in the correct quantities and appeal to the shopper in-store and also deliver the capacity required for the fulfilment of online orders.

    SR Shelf Planning also enables space planning at HQ to adapt planograms to incorporate changes suggested by the local stores or field-teams through real time collaboration and execution.

    Leveraging the power of the cloud, SR Shelf Planning provides employees with real-time access to assortment and planograms and a UI that’s optimized for their device and the flexibility to use at head office, in-store or on the road.

    You can do what you’d expect with a space planning solution – construct, manage and optimize detailed planograms and maximize space to efficiently execute category and assortment management plans.

    Users are able to build fixtures, maintain items, highlight performance, review plans in 3D as well as ensuring planogram versioning to maximize space and efficiently execute demand-driven category and assortment management plans. This includes balancing days of supply, ensuring merchandising objectives are adhered to and providing products with the capacity levels necessary to improve availability and decrease out-of-stocks.

    Now, everyone from HQ, CPG partners through to the store are connected. This means everyone is looking at the same information and executing against the same plan, consistently.

    With our next generation hosted platform and functional apps, each element of the category planning process can be managed and accessed to inform the next step automatically.

    Category assessment and strategy determines the targets and objectives. This is then leveraged to build store clusters by category which then informs assortment recommendations that are space and inventory aware. This now means that planograms executed at store are both shopper relevant and store ready. This leads to significantly improving shelf stocking efficiency, product availability and on-going forecasting and replenishment. It also ensures that category intelligence makes its way to the shelf, arbitrary decisions on ‘fit’ are no longer an issue.

    Ultimately, our next generation category planning solution increases the visibility across your organization, breaking down department silos, increasing employee productivity and enables greater collaboration between HQ, CPG partners and the stores.