Carrefour France Optimizes Supply Chain with SymphonyAI Retail CPG

Carrefour France sought to develop a more flexible, agile supply chain approach to gain better efficiency and ability while freeing up team members to focus on more strategic priorities. In selecting SymphonyAI GOLD Warehouse Replenishment and Instant Insights, Carrefour turned to a seasoned well-established partner who could provide a data-centric solution that could be integrated into other business systems and implemented relatively easily and quickly.

With SymphonyAI, Carrefour has seen significant improvement in productivity for the planning team thanks to reduced time on manual, repetitive processes and increased time on strategic tasks such as supplier relations and KPI analysis. The time freed up for analysis makes it possible to identify alerts more quickly and implement action plans with supplier partners.

The implementation of SymphonyAI GOLD Warehouse Replenishment has made it possible to automate ordering tasks and thus free up time to reinvest in high added-value tasks such as performance analysis and development of deeper relations with suppliers. For example, thanks to the inventory stratification, GOLD Instant Insight allows us not only to identify the potential for inventory optimization but also to visualize their medium-term projection.

– Franck Noel-Fontana, Director of Food Provisioning, Carrefour France

Benefits include:

  • Increased agility in the face of the pandemic
  • Overstock optimization to reduce overstocks and maintain compliance with target product rotations
  • Positive supplier reception as vendors appreciate increased efficiencies and collaboration with Carrefour France procurement team members

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