How to Create an Effective Personalized Marketing Strategy

If you’re a retailer reading this, there’s a 50% chance that within the next 24 months you expect to gain the ability to send precise messages to customers at exactly the right time based on their channel preferences. In today’s increasingly unified retail landscape involving highly targeted coupons, promotions and recommendations, personalized marketing should be a primary goal for retailers.

Plus, with the emergence of AI-enabled solutions to automate the optimization of marketing campaigns and deliver greater rates of redemption and sales lift, it shouldn’t be a surprise that retailers are turning their focus on this opportunity.

However, in a recent survey we conducted, we found that while half of U.S. retailers have or will soon make efforts to develop personalized marketing capabilities, there are still some gaps that limit their ability to connect and engage with shoppers.

So, how can retailers make personalized marketing a reality and increases the value of their investments across the business? We discussed the approach retailers should take to establish a 360-degree view of consumers and how to use artificial intelligence to create predictive behavior models in Total Retail. Read it here.

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