The Store of the Future

As we highlighted in our Supermarket 2020 findings earlier this year, the traditional grocery store format has reached a crossroads where FMCG retailers must innovate in order to compete and win in today’s competitive market. At the center of Supermarket 2020 – the store of the future –  is the need for customer-centric solutions – technologies that allow grocers to better serve evolving customer lifestyles and preferences by creating more convenient and engaging in-store experiences.

Recently, I spoke with Progressive Grocer to discuss just what grocers need to do to create what the publication has coined the “Store of the Future.” In the August cover story, I emphasize that better data management lies at the heart of driving a customer-centric store experience – from technologies like SymphonyAI’s SR Virtual Store Remodeling Solution to AI-enabled systems that predict customer needs and manage assortments, promotions, associate responsibilities and more. Fulfillment capabilities such as click-and-collect and in-store technologies like self-service kiosks further round out the list of solutions that grocers should be considering as they prepare the store of the future.

At SymphonyAI, we expect these concepts to quickly come to life – after all, if the store of the future is in 2020, we’re not that far off.

Learn more about the store of the future in Progressive Grocer’s August 2018 cover story, Experience is Crucial in the Grocery Store of the Future.

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