AI and Retail Demand Forecasting Part 3: Evaluating the hype around AI and retail business transformation

Artificial intelligence has been getting a lot of attention recently from a wide array of industries. Retailers, especially, have been focused on how to leverage AI-enabled to better analyze their data and make more accurate decisions in their supply chains. In the last part of our vodcast series on AI and demand forecasting, RSR Managing Partner Brian Kilcourse shares his insights on the hype surrounding AI and its implications for retail technology.

In part three, Brian discusses:

  • The current AI hype-cycle and its progression
  • How retailers are viewing AI as it applies to business transformation
  • A practical viewpoint for retailers and how AI can best help them meet their challenges.

For more information, read the new Viewpoint: Improving Forecasting Accuracy in an Age of Retail Disruption.

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