Ahold improves customer satisfaction

Giving employees mobile store operations technology that they're already familiar with, Ahold improves training, employee engagement, automation and more.


Ahold Czech Republic, operating under the Albert banner, is the largest retail brand in the Czech Republic. Its 300-plus stores offer a huge choice of grocery items, with a focus on fresh products, and are known for their friendly staff and good value. More than 17,000 employees serve several hundred thousand customers every day.


Through partnership with U&Sluno, Ahold Czech Republic deployed Symphony RetailAI’s Store Operations and Store Mobility solutions, which has enabled the retailer to:

  • Gain 30 percent of savings in store back office operations
  • Drastically reduced training for users
  • Removed manual processes and initiated automation
  • Anticipated savings when fully implemented between 10-20 percent

The new Store Mobility solution incorporates all key store operations onto a single device, automating and simplifying processes. With the revamped user interface, all our staff find it easy to use – from the youngest to the oldest – reducing training costs and improving productivity.

Pavel Brichac, IT Director, Ahold Czech Republic