The Ingredients of Fresh Item Management

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Today, many grocers have little to no visibility on their fresh inventory and demand for insights on quality, waste, inventory levels, tracking, and daily production for fresh and prepared foods is on the rise. This becomes more and more prevalent as the market sees consumer demand for healthier, prepared foods continuously trend upward.

In this on-demand webinar recorded August 28th 2018, we explore the challenges that retailers face when managing fresh items, and how one Tier 1 grocery retailer decided to put a solution in place that would provide associates and management with real-time visibility into their fresh inventory.

In this on-demand webinar, we answer:

  • How do you schedule production volume and timing for items that are produced multiple times each day?
  • How do you solve for production constraints caused by equipment and preparation processes that vary by location?
  • How do you ensure fresh deli items are on time and in the correct volume to avoid out-of-stocks or excessive waste?
  • How do you forecast the impact of holidays that affect fresh items in different ways depending on the product and the holiday?

Shaina Finch is a Solutions Consulting Manager at Symphony RetailAI. She is skilled in Business Process, Retail, End to End Supply Chain, Fresh Food Management, and Business Intelligence. Shaina has an engineering background and a Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management from University of Tennessee-Knoxville – College of Business Administration.

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