Laser Precision and Agility at Scale

How AI will transform promotion management.

A perspective on marketing in the grocery, convenience, healthcare and pet speciality sectors

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CPG and retail executives are painfully aware that as much as 72% of promotions fail to break even and despite sinking millions of dollars into consulting services and large IT projects, most have been unable to make measurable and sustained improvements for promotions. But, this can change with artificial intelligence (AI) with retail and consumer goods among the top five industries in which (AI) is being applied.

This viewpoint shows seven areas where AI can assist retailers and CPGs in effectively planning promotional events, measuring outcomes and adjusting as necessary to achieve growth.

In this viewpoint you will discover:

  • How AI can drive efficiencies and improve the return on promotion investment
  • The flexibility and immediacy that AI can provide at all stages
  • The steps that can be taken to optimize promotions
  • How to create win-win deals and mutually beneficial promotions events
  • The importance of considering the adoption of AI-enabled systems, quickly

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