Using the power of predictive and generative AI to address retail’s biggest challenges

SymphonyAI copilots for retail

SymphonyAI’s generative AI copilots provide retailers and CPGs new insights and prescriptive analytics so they can optimize operations and capture growth opportunities.

Decisions at scale
Analyze large volumes of data to uncover patterns, trends, and deliver impactful insights in real-time.
Accelerated growth
Proactively discover previously uncovered opportunities to drive growth.
Transformative user experience
Intuitive and easy-to-use natural language interface that ties predictive solutions with generative AI.
Elegant user experience
Clear, consistent, and logical designs deliver unparalleled experience and simplified workflows.
Intelligent assistant
Proactively asks “what if” questions to make better informed decisions and uncover growth opportunities.
Retail-specific Large Language Model (LLM)
Fine-tuned for the retail industry and optimized to deliver knowledge graphs and contextualization.
Private and secure
User-identified access control enhances security.

Predictive and generative AI for the future of retail

Tap the power of predictive and generative AI together like never before. Understand what’s happened and plan for what’s next with smart copilot interfaces tailored for retail. The Category Manager Copilot intelligently integrates with CINDE Intelligence and Insights Builder, while the Demand Planner Copilot works seamlessly with DFAI. Both combine predictive and descriptive models for valuable historical insights and future predictions.

SymphonyAI’s ground-breaking copilots

Category Manager Copilot

Designed for merchandising executives and category managers, the Category Manager Copilot thinks like a category manager providing guidance and insight to optimize performance and drive profitable growth through real-time predictive analytics. The copilot uses generative AI to query datasets and then collate information into one unified view via a holistic, easily understood, natural language narrative.

Demand Planner Copilot

The Demand Planner Copilot puts the power of a half dozen MBAs at the disposal of any demand planner or replenisher. It automatically queries the predictive models and data sets to solve day-to-day problems faster and address otherwise untouched challenges to deliver better forecast accuracy and provide more time back in your day.

The SymphonyAI architecture

Next-gen predictive and generative Eureka AI architecture

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