Webinar: The Perfect Forecast – how AI makes it possible

An accurate demand forecast is one thing on every retailers’ wish list this holiday season — and for good reason. A highly precise demand forecast is literally the gift that keeps giving, enabling retailers to ensure on shelf availability, maximize sell through, minimize markdowns, satisfy shoppers and improve profitability.

Unfortunately, sources of big data on which demand forecasts are based are like a lump of coal. The gifts of growth and customer satisfaction that stem from an accurate demand forecast can only be extracted from the mountain of big data by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Luckily for retailers, AI and ML capabilities have caught up with the vast stores of structured and unstructured data that contain tremendous insights, which cannot be unlocked by human processing power alone.

Please join Retail Leader, EIQ Research Solutions and Symphony RetailAI for an exclusive webinar exploring the art of the possible: the perfect forecast. We’ll be discussing:

  • The core value proposition of demand forecasting and the five ways it is changing in the digital retail landscape.
  • The big data challenge and the implications for retailers who fail to embrace AI and ML throughout their supply chain.
  • Merchant and machine: How human decision-makers peacefully coexist in the land of AI and ML.
  • The Smart Enterprise: Understanding the fundamental changes in how decision-making will occur throughout retail organizations in 2019 and beyond.

Patty McDonald
Solution Marketing Director
Symphony RetailAI

Sahir Anand
Managing VP, Research & Strategy

Mike Troy
Editor in Chief
Retail Leader


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