Customer-Centric Category Management

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In the US, retailers believe planning and pricing are most important to delivering a customer-centric experience, while in Europe, assortment and space take priority.

The gap between operational improvements and customer performance is much smaller in Europe than in the US, reflecting an opportunity to leverage their ability to execute more efficiently and drive a higher level of assortment and space localization.

The majority of retailers in the US and Europe admit that they struggle to collaborate effectively with their CPG partners. Could technology, such as artificial intelligence, perpetuate a closer working relationship between the two?

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US Report

Why are US retailers prioritizing planning and pricing in their category management processes? Discover this and much more by downloading the category management survey results of 50 US retailers.

Europe Report

European retailers place high importance on having a space-optimized assortment strategy. Find out why and much more in the category management survey results of 50 European retailers.

The survey findings highlight the willingness of retailers to pursue a customer-centric approach, however it also reveals a clear gap between intention and execution, which could be addressed by artificial intelligence capabilities

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