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Artificial Intelligence-enabled Demand Forecasting

What if you could reduce forecast errors by 75% and manage all items, even ultra-fresh, from one forecasting platform?

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Apply intelligent demand forecasting to optimize inventory availability

Up to 90% of orders require some form of human intervention due to inaccurate forecasting.

SR Demand ForecastingAI uses machine learning and leverages contextual data to build models that improve forecast accuracy and remove the manual guesswork. This allows you to optimize product availability by decreasing out of stocks, inventory and spoilage, as well as gain a better understanding of sales patterns and anomalies at a more detailed level.

Manage forecast complexity without an army of demand planners and data scientists

As data availability increases, being able to detect customer purchasing patterns becomes more complex. Yet, your forecasts are only as accurate as the data, models and resources you have to interpret them. So, what do you do?

With SR Demand ForecastingAI you can automate the forecasting process without adding more resources. Using machine learning algorithms that are unique to your specific data sets, the solution delivers significant improvements in forecasting speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Retail-specific demand forecasting that learns, adapts and improves

Machine learning can access a much broader data set, allowing it to find patterns that humans can’t detect. And because Symphony RetailAI specializes in high-volume retail, we know exactly what to train it to look for.

Not only does SR Demand ForecastingAI consider the past, present and future, it also pulls in external variables and contextual data such as calendar of events, seasonality and even the weather to deliver accurate forecasts.

Ultra-fresh, hyper-local and customer demand-aware

Fresh categories are your points of differentiation, but hardest to accurately forecast. Leverage the power of AI to make accurate predictions, differentiate your offering and meet consumer demand.

With SR Demand ForecastingAI you can manage fresh item forecasting, as well as produce daily and intra-day forecasts to support instore food production services, giving you an unprecedented level of accuracy.

Results that speak for themselves

Ready to get started?

Deploy in days, not months, in the cloud

With SR Demand ForecastingAI you can be generating more accurate forecasts in days, not months. Supported by a managed service to help you get started, you provide the data and we’ll do the rest – delivering more precise forecast results.

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