6 factors to consider when selecting a demand forecasting solution

And why artificial intelligence is key.

Demand Forecasting Buyers Guide

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Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) retailers understand that accurate demand forecasting across all categories, including fresh, is key to staying competitive, profitable, and increasing sales – all of which are “reflectors” of today’s shopper demand. And, while there is no dearth of forecasting solutions, there is a scarcity solutions that take into full consideration the complexity and reach of today’s retail supply chain.

This guide outlines key factors to consider and the underlying issues that must be addressed when investing in a current (and future-proof) demand forecasting solution. It also addresses why AI is now a must-have capability for retail demand forecasting.

In this buyer’s guide, you will find the answers to:

  • Are your demand planners focusing too much time and energy on chasing forecasts and performing too many manual intervention?
  • Are your forecasting methods limited to specific categories?
  • Are you able to forecast accurately for promotions, seasonal events, holidays, the weather?

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