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Unleash the power of connected data with AI-enabled Data Collaboration and Monetization, the ultimate set of capabilities for managing data, harnessing actionable insights, driving collaboration, and maximizing monetization across the enterprise

Access a real-time, interconnected view of the enterprise for a comprehensive understanding of the business.

Go beyond insights to foster collaboration, spark innovation, and drive impactful business decisions.

Turn your data into an asset to create business opportunities that enhance your bottom-line.

Robust data management that keeps pace with change

Managing data in-house is complex and expensive: it requires specialized expertise, significant and continued investment, and constant evolution to stay ahead of changing technologies and security protocols.

We simplify that process, taking in raw data, augmenting and sanitizing it, and ultimately transforming it to an accessible asset that your entire organization can leverage.

Key capabilities:

  • Manage structured and unstructured retailer, CPG, and third-party data 
  • Customize data refreshes with near real-time updates and daily synchronization with proactive notifications of any deviations from your designated schedule 
  • Govern data access securely through role-based permissions 
  • Create development- and analysis-ready datasets for integration and better collaboration  

Prescriptive, AI-led analytics and insights to understand drivers of performance and uncover growth opportunities

The Retail ecosystem is highly interconnected across shoppers, merchandising, marketing, and supply chain. However, the enormity of the data means that too often, analyses and decisions are slow and done in siloes, leading to inefficiencies and missteps.

Data Collaboration and Monetization solutions use proven AI models solve this issue by analyzing data across the enterprise to understand what happened and why, predict what will happen, and provide recommendations that create pathways to new growth.

Key capabilities:

  • Connect shopper, merchandising, space, and supply chain data to break down siloes
  • Identify new trends and insights with real-time visibility to shopper, shelf, and supply chain data
  • Make smarter adjustments with proactive prescriptive insights and analytics
  • Quickly triage and stem disruptions

Data and insights monetization that drives collaboration, while improving your bottom line

SymphonyAI provides a powerful pathway to monetizing data assets across merchandising, store, and supply chain. Our platform enables you to explore new revenue streams and extract maximum value from your data and insights, while providing a collaboration platform for better joint planning with your suppliers.

Key capabilities:

  • Create a single version of the truth to bolster collaboration and joint improvement of the business between you and suppliers
  • Monetize sales, supply chain, merchandising, store, customer data, as well as insights, to realize $500K+ in profit per $1B in revenue
  • Enhance compliance and accountability with suppliers through mutually agreed-upon metrics and monitoring through the platform 
  • Customize subscription offerings that directly align with your data value and revenue objectives 

Data Collaboration and Monetization solutions suite

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