Using SR Personalized Marketing, Pague Menos enlists sophisticated targeting and offer management to give customers the individual attention they deserve and improve customer engagement.

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Pague Menos is a Brazilian drugstore company based in Fortaleza. With operations throughout Brazil, it is the third largest drugstore operator in the country, with more than 23,000 employees across 1,050 stores and aggressive expansion plans.


Pague Menos’s core values are to promote health and wellbeing while delighting its clients. There are three key values at the heart of its business: innovation, convenience and community. These have underpinned the company’s strategy of sustainable growth for over 36 years. To improve the customer’s shopping experience, Pague Menos selected Symphony RetailAI as its partner to help transform the hidden insights from its large pool of customer data ―  drawing on the more than ten million customers enrolled in the loyalty program ― into actions that will best serve the individual needs of its customers.


With improved customer insight, Pague Menos can now make better, customer-oriented decisions, generating localized assortments, and more effective price and promotion strategies that improve customer engagement and increase loyalty.

With SR Personalized Marketing, the company has executed personalized omni-channel marketing campaigns. Sophisticated targeting and offer management has also enabled Pague Menos to better understand its customers and to execute promotions based on preferences and shopping behavior.

“Pague Menos is proud of the innovative approach it takes to serve the customer. And it is not possible to do this in a competitive and dynamic market without investing in technology. We selected Symphony RetailAI as our partner and together we are translating technology into better customer service and experience.” – Thiago Chicaroni, Head of Price and Category Management

“One of our challenges at Pague Menos is to understand our customers effectively and personalize offers for our loyalty program with more than 10 million members. Every customer has a different profile, they look for different products and types of offers. We selected Symphony RetailAI to help us meet our customers’ needs..” – Otavio Jordan, Head of Loyalty and CRM


See how Symphony RetailAI solutions are helping Pague Menos, and what Otavio Jordan, Head of Loyalty and CRM, says about the partnership. Video in Brazilian Portuguese (Transcript available in English). 

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    At Pague Menos we want to know our customer better and ensure we are tailoring offers specifically for them. To achieve that we are using Symphony RetailAI’s Personalized Marketing solution.

    Today, our loyalty program has more than 10 million clients where each one has a different need. We have to treat each member individually and respect their different purchase behaviors. Each customer has a product they like more so we have to personalize each one of our offers.

    Now we have a loyalty program with a very big base we chose the Symphony RetailAI solution because we believe it will help us the most and that we will be able to learn a lot with the tool. It allows us to understand exactly what we are doing and which kind of offer is being made to each client.

    For example, we’ll offer a customer a product that he likes to buy every week and understand exactly what’s going on, such as the type of offer that gives the biggest benefit for him and a bigger return for us.

    This is just one example of why we like the solution. The Symphony RetailAI team has a lot of  experience in the sector, which gave us the confidence to work with them.


See how Symphony RetailAI is helping Pague Menos, and what Thiago Chicaroni, Head of Category Management and Pricing, says about the partnership. Video in Brazilian Portuguese (Transcript available in English). 

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    Pague Menos is an innovative company focused on customer service.

    It’s not possible to do that today in the competitive and dynamic market like ours without technology, right?

    So we chose Symphony RetailAI as our partner to leverage technology, big data, analytics, to truly understand the habits and needs of our customers, as well as streamlining and accelerating internal processes.

    Together with this partnership, we will transform technology into the best service and experience for our clients.