Accurate shelf planning is critical to delivering customer-centric assortments

Considering the retailer’s perspective when requesting changes to assortments will increase the likelihood of recommendations being adopted. Using integrated customer segmentations and insights makes it easier for CPG manufacturers to tell their story in terms that matter most to retailers — through the lens of their customer.

Improvement in retailer inventory levels
Average decrease in out-of-stocks
Average category growth

Move more efficiently from analysis to action

Big data. Analysis paralysis. Disparate systems. All of these are reasons why CPG manufacturers have historically struggled with shelf planning software, especially in multi-retailer optimization scenarios. By harnessing the power of AI and choosing a partner with a seamlessly integrated category planning platform, CPGs can efficiently translate retailer- and customer-level insights into actionable and impactful shelf plans.

Prioritize your efforts

“Time is money” and “The customer is always right”; two phrases that have stood the test of time.

So why not start your CPG store and shelf level planning by focusing on customer needs and then developing a localized retail strategies that will best serve those customers and in turn best serve both retailers and manufacturers alike.

Start from the retailer’s point of view

Want to improve how often or how well retailers respond to your assortment and shelf proposals?  Start by looking at the situation through their lens, using a fully integrated platform.

With our shelf planning software, CPGs can develop cluster- and store-specific assortments and shelf layouts that ensure must-stock items are always included, and that SKU adjacencies and merchandising rules are observed, so customers have a consistent and localized experience at the shelf and the items they want are always available.

Refine, streamline, and optimize

With customer-centric strategies and retailer-specific plans in mind, take advantage of the productivity gains and improved outcomes that our CPG shelf planning solutions provide on an ongoing basis:

  • More efficient methods and faster execution of planograms
  • Collaboration across HQ, account, field sales, and broker teams
  • Better reporting and single source of truth for enterprise accountability
  • Accessibility across different operating systems (iOS, Android)
  • Full integration with cluster and assortment for seamless communication and unified processes
  • CPG shelf planning for multi-retailer optimization
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