Identify Opportunities. Activate Tactics. Realize Growth.

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Thanks to our intuitive user interface and AI-powered prescriptive sales and consumer insights, it’s easier than ever for manufacturers to identify opportunities for growth. When combined with predictive analytics and integrated with our promotions, marketing, and store assortment solutions, it has never been easier for CPGs to activate the customer-centric tactics that will help realize profitable sales and margin growth.

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It starts and ends with the customer

With today’s omnichannel customer changing faster than ever, there are simply too many questions to answer and analyses to complete without the help of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Actionable AI-powered sales and customer insights require timeliness to be useful and customer-centricity to be effective. Lucky for CPGs, we have a solution for all of this.

PepsiCo Northern Europe embraces SymphonyAI Retail shopper insights to build business across multiple categories


Deep heritage in customer analytics

For more than 30 years, customer analytics has been at the heart of everything we do. We have developed and continued to innovate approaches to deliver the most actionable insights possible.

Robust portfolio of solutions

Our portfolio of solutions helps CPGs review performance, generate insights, and truly understand their business. This allows account teams to improve collaboration with retail partners.​

  • Sales and Customer Insights​
  • Promotions Insights​
  • Shelf Intelligence Insights​
  • Assortment Insights​

CINDE brings AI to life

  • CINDE’s AI-powered sales and customer insights for CPGs will streamline processes and improve your category performance.
  • From analyzing trends and identifying opportunities to using natural language to help guide business users in the way that makes sense to them.
  • CINDE removes the heavy lifting to free up time to allow for greater collaboration and better decision-making.

What makes our CPG solutions different?

Customer focus

Develop granular insight on Customer behaviors to shape decision making

Retailer collaboration

Work together to deliver mutual benefit and growth

Expert coaching

Get guidance from seasoned professional trained to ensure optimal results

World-class technology

Leading-edge AI ensures opportunities are uncovered faster

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