Built for CPGs to gain the competitive advantage by optimizing trade promotions

Uncover hidden revenue opportunities and reduce trade spend. The days of cobbling together hundreds of reports to discover problems are gone. Our AI-powered applications enable CPGs utilize comprehensive advanced analytics and optimize promotional plans across all channels, retailers, markets, and products.

Improvement in productivity
Sales growth
Margin growth

Better performance optimization. Greater opportunities for growth.

CPGs no longer need to rely solely on brokers or retailers to uncover hidden revenue and margin growth opportunities. With our AI-powered trade promotion optimization software, CPGs have the power to sense, predict, and shape market dynamics, maximizing the effectiveness of trade spend through optimized strategies across the 4Ps.

Proactively track and optimize revenue growth

Our trade promotion optimization solution monitors spend effectiveness and competitive position, sensing trends by channel and market for every brand and promoted product group. It provides prescriptive guidance on the best course of action to create incremental efficiency gains and margin improvements, allowing CPGs to dynamically adjust plans to correct performance gaps before it’s too late.

Create win-win plans for retailers

Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, our solution evaluates hundreds of thousands of scenarios, learning and automatically identifying the best plans across all channels and customers to achieve manufacturer and retailer objectives.

By considering complex trade-offs and interactions on pricing, timing, mechanics and investment across retailers, it increases both efficiency and effectiveness, improving revenues, margins and trade fund ROI.

AI promotion optimization uncovers more hidden opportunities

By using AI trade promotion optimization models that are tailored to FMCG retail, CPGs will be able to:

  • Translate corporate strategies into optimized plans
  • Automatically generate plans optimized by channel and customer to deliver on regional and global priorities
  • Balance hundreds of complex trade-offs, constraints, conflicts, and interactions across retailers on magnitude and frequency of quality merchandising and pricing promotions
  • Create win-win plans that delight customers while growing items, brands, and categories for manufacturers and retailers

When we started our loyalty program, we got six million trackable customers at one go. Together with SymphonyAI we then started to analyze this valuable data and began to use it to be more relevant in our customer communications through personalization. Beyond that, SymphonyAI analytics and tools helps us to optimize our core business like finding the right prices, products and promotions.

Dr. Lorenz Determann Head of Tools and Analytics
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