A planogram for every store? No problem.

Our automated system generates localized planograms that can be instantly shared with stores, brokers, or DSD teams, using space aware assortments to drive truly localized Planograms.  With better data integration and fewer manual touchpoints, Planograms are more likely to satisfy constraints – and ultimately – consumers.

Number of times you have to import/export assortment into POG. It happens automatically!
Improved workflow efficiency
Get complete POG-Store coverage thanks to improved efficiency

Spend less time building POGs and more time making valuable decisions

Planograms are still a necessity for brick and mortar retail. Why make it harder than it must be? Our seamlessly integrated platform streamlines the process and improves both efficiency and accuracy.

Seamless integration with Assortment.

Historically, one of the biggest inefficiencies in Planogram creation has been the need to import Assortment from one tool into another – made even worse if you want to try and run assortment scenarios!


Our integrated category planning platform has seamless connections between each model. Changes to assortment flow automatically to the Planogram, freeing up valuable time and resources in the process.

Blocking schemes that work for you.

Flexibility is key. Whether you want to draw “freehand” blocking schemes or want a more programmatic approach – such as using product attributes – the choice is yours.

Rules can also be defined within the block that allow for parameters to be placed on position and distance movements – providing both necessary structure and desired flexibility.

A Planogram for every store, efficiently.

A generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to Planograms is one of the biggest barriers to retailers accepting CPG assortment recommendations.  With Planogram Automation, you can efficiently create a POG specific to retailer banners, formats, clusters, and stores.

Planograms can be scored based on satisfying a combination of factors and may be auto-approved using thresholds. Exceptions that fail are marked for manual review, with system-generated explanations that make revisions more efficient and outcomes more effective.

Digitally deployed at store level.

Gone are the days of sending out manual planograms that could get lost in the mail – or lost in translation.  From field sales to DSD to brokers – and even directly via collaboration with retailers, each team can access their unique Planogram via any device or browser, anywhere and anytime.

User- and/or role-based permissions limit access to only the necessary information, be it account, category, or measure level.

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