A message from our CEO

Chris Koziol's message of gratitude to grocery providers - the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 crisis

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Video: Efficient supply chains start with the right assortment

Symphony RetailAI’s Julian Miller explains why category based clustering creates supply chains that are much better able to respond to critical events in the market.

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Despite coronavirus, retailers keep produce supply fresh

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After an initial dip in produce sales, grocery shoppers are coming back around

At the beginning of the pandemic, retailers noticed sales were low in the produce department due to consumer fears about items being touched by others and the desire to buy more long-lasting food.

But with stay-at-home orders beginning to be lifted and people more accustomed to wearing masks and following safe social-distance shopping rules, consumers are once again buying produce at normal levels. And retailers have managed to keep their stores supplied despite the volatile nature of this virus outbreak.

Learn more about how to manage fresh items and assess the impact on center-store in this whitepaper.

Supermarket News, May 15 2020


Click & Collect has been a lifeline during COVID-19

But high value online shoppers will walk away if demand cannot be fulfilled.

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Food & Beverage Giants Like Pepsi And Kraft Heinz Tap Into Direct To Consumer. Is It A Fad Or The Beginning Of A Trend?

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As consumers shift more online and try to avoid trips to the supermarket during the coronavirus crisis, companies like PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, and even Heinz Kraft are growing direct-to-consumer sales.

How big will DTC be for big brands? PepsiCo racked up more than $67 billion in 2019 revenue, fueled by 23 brands with at least a billion dollars in annual retail sales each. DTC is a small part of the pie. Adversity often provides opportunity – and DTC fits the bill here. As the quarantine ends, will this be the beginning of a new moment for big brands or just incremental sales? Big brands’ shopping cart icons may not completely replace the old-fashioned kind with four wheels, but they’re likely to keep getting fuller.

Learn more about how Symphony RetailAI’s supply chain solutions can help suppliers.

Forbes, May 18, 2020

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for food rose 1.5% month-to-month for April, compared with a 0.3% uptick in March, and was up 3.5% year over year.

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Rethinking the retail supply chain post COVID-19

It’s now more critical than ever to have a single supply chain solution that can quickly interpret complex data and adapt to consumer demand. Hear more from Symphony RetailAI’s Arnaud Gauthier (article in French).

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Making grocery shopping safer through scan-and-go technology

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Retailers should make scan-and-go mobile checkout a functional option within their operations as quickly as possible.

For years, retailers have experimented with scan-and-go checkout-free retail, i.e. the practice of customers using their mobile phones to scan items, bag these items themselves, pay electronically, and then just walk out the door. Unfortunately, few retailers have had the guts to put it into large scale practice and, as a result, they and the nation’s public health could soon be paying the price for their inactivity.

Learn more in Forbes article, April 13 2020

Symphony Insight

Consumers flock to new categories when store trips are at a premium and product availability is in doubt.

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Week of 11 May 2020


Demystifying Retail Demand Forecasting post-COVID-19

Shoppers and retailers are all waiting for the world to return to normal. The question is, what will that look like? Find out our three key supply chain considerations for a post-COVID world.

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Symphony Insight

The Brick Meets Click/Symphony RetailAI Online Grocery Shopping Survey

Insights from research conducted at the end of April 2020 documents how COVID-19 is impacting online grocery shopping in the US.

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A message of gratitude from our CEO Chris Koziol

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Read the full letter from Chris Koziol

Symphony RetailAI CEO’s letter to grocery providers – the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 crisis

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