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Increased collaboration. Speed. Security. Flexibility. Savings. Disaster recovery. Many businesses have already made the move to cloud and there’s little wonder why. It offers irrefutable advantages over on-premise computing. At Symphony RetailAI, we understand these reasons and we’ve added to the list by developing software solutions specific to some of the core roles at grocery retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers.

Focus on what you do best, let us worry about the technology

Organizations want to know that their data is isolated and secure. To ensure this, we use a top-tier cloud infrastructure provider and 24×7 cloud monitoring. Beyond our platform, and drawing from our many years of industry expertise in grocery and hard goods retail, Symphony RetailAI offers our software tools to help retailers and CPGs move at their own pace — not held back by technical issues — to create competitive agility. We enable retailers and CPGs to drive customer insights into validated planning and execution decisions across four role-based persona solutions.

From our point of view, it really comes down to helping retailers and CPGs do what they do best – put their efforts into driving business results and pleasing their customers.

Let Symphony RetailAI worry about the infrastructure and functionality. Access our complete workbench to improve productivity and increase sales.

  • Why should I use cloud-based software solutions?

    In recent years, most business have seen the many benefits to cloud-based solutions and services. In fact, the majority of businesses are using at least one cloud-based service. And though there are clear benefits to use of the cloud, Symphony RetailAI enables you to set up your business your way, whether it’s on the cloud or on-premise.

    Here are a few reasons that firms are moving to the cloud:

    • Security – your data is stored securely in the cloud, reducing issues around compromised or stolen devices (mobile phones, laptops, tablets), since the data is stored in the cloud vs. on the device.
    • Data access – when your data is in the cloud, it’s easy to share it and collaborate with others who need it. Remote employees, partners, mobile employees all have access to the information they need. In addition, it’s easy to integrate data with applications in the cloud, or on-premise.
    • Punch above your weight class – small businesses can have top-notch software solutions at their fingertips without major capital outlay. This provides strategic advantage as firms can pay as they go, reconfigure what software and services they access as they change and grow.
    • Improved collaboration – imagine working on a team project where everyone has access to the latest file, and it updates as individuals edit it. No more sending around the latest file, everyone sees the latest version in the cloud.
    • Financial savings – there’s significant benefit to using an existing infrastructure that is staffed and monitored 24×7 vs. paying for very expensive on-premise hardware. In addition, you have increased flexibility to scale up or down depending on the needs of your firm.
    • Global workforce/competition – companies that want to be competitive and access the best talent around the world know that given access to this talent is key. Using the cloud enables workers to easily collaborate from around the world.
  • What’s special about Symphony RetailAI’s cloud?

    In addition to leveraging world-class, top-tier cloud provision, we deliver 24×7 cloud monitoring to ensure that your data is protected and secure. Symphony RetailAI Cloud gives retailers and CPGs real-time, role-based solutions that are time tested and proven to achieve 2% revenue growth. The solutions and platform have been built to work specifically in the cloud and delivers access to users through any major browser, in any location, on any device and at any time. It provides both an internal and external collaborative workbench for retailers and CPG manufacturers to share information, identify opportunities and accelerate category planning tasks to deliver rapid and effective decision making. This approach does not just integrate data and solutions but connects them to the relevant processes and people within their category development ecosystem to elevate category planning as a strategic differentiator.

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