CINDE: AI-Powered Customer INsights and Decision Engine

CINDE Insights revolutionizes how retailers and CPG manufacturers look at data. Leveraging industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, CINDE proactively uncovers data-driven insights, makes prescriptive recommendations, and executes customer-centric strategies.

Built to scale leveraging customer data

Massive amounts of disparate data and disconnected insights can bog down category managers and disrupt providing consumers with the goods and services they need.

CINDE’s industry-leading AI and ML capabilities are like having hundreds of data scientists and business analysts at your fingertips – processing billions of customer transactions, mining trends, and identifying anomalies – serving up prescriptive insights and recommendations that matter most.

CINDE Insights helps Retail and CPG practitioners free up their time to focus on strategic objectives and making data-driven decisions.

Revenue Growth

Accelerate revenue and margin growth

In today’s disruptive environment, uncovering new growth opportunities has never been more important.

Customer-centric retailing is at the heart of everything we do – because it is proven to deliver revenue and margin growth.  CINDE Insights accelerates that growth by delivering valuable near real-time customer insights — such as expensive underperforming promotions or new opportunities for cross-merchandising.

And with CINDE’s AI-powered planning, forecasting, and optimization tools, you’ll move more quickly from insight to execution – all with greater confidence than ever before.

Always on – always there for you

Having integrated access to data across your network is imperative to delivering consistent responses to market disruptions.

CINDE creates an unbiased platform for collaboration that allows both the retailer and CPGs to view the prescriptive insights and opportunities that can impact the category. From business users to data scientists and HQ to field teams, CINDE makes it easy to stay on top of your business performance.

CINDE AI Fundamentals

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