No more wondering with true store intelligence

Retailers struggle to collect data to identify new sales opportunities and improve operational efficiency. SymphonyAI Store Intelligence delivers real-time shelf insights. It enables retailers to quickly understand on-shelf availability, promotions, package compliance and competitive insights.

Image recognition rates
increase in trade fund ROI
Increase in incremental revenue

Know your shelf. Planogram compliance that wins customers

Today, retailers must be as smart as their customers. Whether it’s reviewing insights to compare price and promo lists, guiding store employees through corrections to achieve 100% compliance, or reviewing your merchandising strategy by reverse engineering from realogram to planogram, SymphonyAI Store Intelligence gives you the power to control the shelf, giving your customers what they expect and deserve.

Identify and capture opportunities in-store

Empower your store associates with intuitive AI-powered image recognition that quickly compares the in-store reality against the expected planogram in real-time.

With your “realogram” in hand, your teams will immediately receive recommended corrective actions to increase planogram compliance – such as generating a list of out-of-stocks, relocating misplaced items, or replacing incorrect price and promotion tags.

Analyze compliance to make recommended improvements

AI-powered prescriptive insights and recommendations will help you to easily understand and act on your most critical KPIs such as unique item distribution, price compliance, planogram compliance, and promotion compliance by store. You can also track speed to market for valuable new product introductions (NPIs) and promotional items.

Refine or design new merchandising and promotional strategies

Quickly correcting issues on the shelf is important, but you also want to provide insight-driven recommendations to increase revenue growth by store.

Our seamless Store Intelligence platform can automatically reverse engineer the realogram into a planogram. This enables you to easily go from insights to recommended actions and revise your merchandising strategies – sharing more timely and informed recommendations to maximize ROI on each and every shelf.

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