Accurate retail shelf space planning and optimization is critical to delivering customer-centric, space-aware assortments

Localized, store-specific planograms increase customer satisfaction, sales and item availability. SymphonyAI Space Planning solution enables retailers and CPG manufacturers to easily blend statistical modeling with customer behavior and key business drivers for shelf layouts that satisfy your most valuable customers. You’ll do this while adhering to inventory rules, physical constraints and merchandising strategy.

Category growth
Improvement in inventory levels
On average decrease in OOS

Collaborate and automate shelf space planning to meet customer expectations

The shelf is a dynamic environment. It’s where shoppers make both planned and impulse purchases, and where store associates stock shelves to satisfy in-store shoppers and pick products to support their online channel. But without the consistent execution of optimized planograms at the store level that meet customer demand and expectations, even the best category management strategy can underperform in actual execution. SymphonyAI’s shelf space optimization software for retailers and CPG manufacturers avoid these pitfalls.

Meet customer expectation at the shelf

With SymphonyAI shelf planning, you’ll generate store-specific shelf layouts that accurately reflect category strategy and customer needs, along with SKU adjacencies, adhere to physical constraints and automatically incorporate merchandising guidelines. This streamlined and connected approach is easily deployed and adopted by employees. Avoid siloed shelf planning that’s disconnected from upstream assortment decision making, mismatched space allocations, and inefficient use of employee time.

Automated, customized planograms

Our retail shelf space planning and optimization solution drives efficiency for category planning teams. It automates the process by which store cluster and resulting store-specific planograms are generated.

Our planogram automation software enables store-specific shelf layouts that ensure must-stock items are always included, and that SKU adjacencies and merchandising rules observed, so customers have a consistent and localized experience at the shelf and the items they want are always available.

Collaborative category and assortment  planning

Nothing diminishes efficiency like disjointed execution of day-to-day tasks, and an inability to smoothly incorporate strategic initiatives. SymphonyAI Space Planning enables rapid and accurate planogram creation that maximizes space and efficiently executes demand-driven category and assortment management. All users, whether at headquarters or in the field, can easily collaborate on planogram changes in real time, via the cloud and on any device, any time – delivering the critical visibility the entire organization requires.

It’s the most amazing tool I’ve seen in over 20 years in space planning. We can intelligently cluster our stores based on sales metrics, and can now take steps closer to the goal of guest-centric assortments, all without adding head count.

Marty Thompson Director Category Development
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