Transforming physical stores into digital, automated and connected stores of the future

Store Intelligence, powered by advanced AI and computer vision technology, delivers a real-time view of shelf conditions, prioritized workflows to remedy disruptions, and insight-based recommendations to achieve new levels of compliance, on-shelf availability, and operational excellence.


increased on-shelf availability


improved planogram compliance


increased sales


optimized labor

Ensure the execution of your shelf strategy, to drive better shopper experiences and limit lost sales

You’ve invested to ensure customers can purchase the products they seek, but too often there’s a gap between those strategies and real-time store conditions. Store Intelligence equips you to close that gap by rapidly identifying shelf disruptions, such as planogram and pricing compliance or out-of-stocks, triage those disruptions, and deliver prioritized workflows to your store operations team so they can remedy the most critical issues first.

Use the power of AI and computer vision to rapidly identify shelf issues

Human vision is imperfect, and store associates often have only limited time to spend on analyzing shelf conditions for each and every shelf. SymphonyAI lifts the burden from store associates by comparing the planogram to images of shelf conditions in real-time to identify issues such as:

  • Out-of-stocks
  • Incorrect item placement
  • Incorrect or missing price and promotion tags
SymphonyAI store intelligence computer vision

Receive prioritized workflows to ensure the most critical issues are addressed first

Shoppers, stockers, and product pickers constantly interacting with the shelf cause numerous shelf disruptions throughout the day, leaving store associates to figure out what to fix first. The AI in Store Intelligence prioritizes those workflows based on critical KPIs, such as criticality of a product to shoppers or whether there is any stock on hand, so that associates focus on the items that have the most impact on shoppers and sales first.

SymphonyAI store intelligence workflows

Analyze and adjust merchandising strategies for maximum ROI

AI-powered prescriptive insights helps further understand merchandising performance and provide recommendations for improvement. Store Intelligence automatically reverse engineers the realogram into a planogram so you can easily take action, revising your merchandising strategies and maximizing the ROI on every shelf. 

SymphonyAI store intelligence merchandising

Monetize your data

The first of its kind, Store Intelligence’s monetization service gives retailers the insights to turn the real-time view of the shelf into an asset, adding new top-line revenue. This exchange of data is valuable to supplier partners to help manage labor, supply chain, and orders, and gain competitive insights. 

SymphonyAI store intelligence data monetization

Get up and running in 30 days

Store Intelligence is endlessly scalable with over two million unique SKUs built into the SymphonyAI image recognition library. Through SymphonyAI’s fast-track pilot program and expertise in large installations, customers go live and prove the ROI in just three months.

SymphonyAI store intelligence fast implementation

Why SymphonyAI’s Store Intelligence?

Store Intelligence provides the ability to see every shelf in every store with technology proven to deliver new levels of operational excellence.

AI-enabled technology

Use the fastest and most accurate combined AI and computer vision (OCR).

A real-time view of the shelf

Identify and address on-shelf availability and planogram and pricing compliance issues as they happen.

AI-driven action worklists

AI-driven insights and next best actions all prioritized for optimal store performance.

Flexible image capture

Capture images using mobile devices, robots, fixed cameras, or any combination.

Product data monetization

Allows for the exchange of data to help partners manage labor, supply chain, and orders.

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