Store layouts that better fulfill customer needs and drive sales

Optimize layouts across all store sizes and formats and right-size category space to deliver better customer shopping experiences and store performance.


average incremental revenue increase by maximizing shelf performance


increase in customer loyalty


increase in shelf traffic through optimized store layouts

Maximize assortment performance by allocating optimal category space

Traditionally, macro space comes at the end of the category management process, requiring time-intensive manual adjustments. SymphonyAI Macro Space Planning incorporates store and space data early in the process, so that each resulting assortment is designed for the space it goes into.

Seamless visibility and communication from HQ to the store

Enhance communication and collaboration between HQ planning and store execution teams, through better visibility of floor initiatives, tasks, and analyses. 

Increase store worker productivity through automation

Streamline retail space planning tasks and reduce labor by automating processes and generating rapid analyses in-store.

Deliver the right category spaces and best shopping experience

Optimize space allocation and streamline communication with store staff for accurate and efficient operations. Macro Space Planning identifies preferred spaces and product categories, enhancing sales, margins, and the overall customer experience.

Every square foot counts – optimize space planning layouts for a maximized customer experience

Customer-centricity is key to thriving in an omnichannel environment. From optimized store layouts to real-time visibility, SymphonyAI Macro Space Planning helps retailers maximize customer basket sizes by incorporating customer decision trees, purchase behavior, and analytics to optimize space planning.

Category space optimization

Use the power of AI to automatically optimize the entire store layout based on macro space performance and aesthetic metrics, while considering physical restrictions and space elasticity at a category level.

Real-time communication

Notification and alert system directly connects store execution teams with relevant HQ categories and floor planners for seamless communication.

3D visualization

Quickly visualize performance of any category, aisle, department or entire store, including non-planogrammed areas, against relevant KPIs in 3D to optimize space performance.

Interactive publishing

Automatically generate and deliver interactive floor plans, planograms and reports into store execution teams’ devices.

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