Assortment optimization that leverages current customer behavior

By priming your product assortment optimization management process with current behavioral-based store clustering data (vs. just using past sales), retailers optimize store groupings and drive relevant assortments by format, store, department, and category. SymphonyAI’s approach to retail assortment planning enables retailers to remove underperforming and duplicative SKUs. By doing this, they avoid out-of-stocks, overstocks, improve supply chain efficiency as well as forecasts — and most important — increase customer satisfaction and profitable revenue growth.

Reduction in category review process
Increase in operational efficiency
Category growth

Product assortment optimization for 1,500 stores < 10 minutes? Easy.

SymphonyAI retail assortment planning and optimization moves you away from static, snap-shot planning and twice-a-year category resets to executing agile assortments that reflect current shopper behavior. Our intelligent clustering approach calculates optimal store groups, enabling efficiencies in the supply chain. This seamlessly feeds into the assortment management process where you can safely rationalize SKUs based on shopper preferences, and optimize revenue growth. Our integrated approach to product assortment optimization even enables you to connect these insights directly to your micro and macro space planning as well as your supply chain processes – so that you can most effectively execute category strategy in store.

An efficient supply chain starts with intelligent clustering

To compete today, retailers must meet the needs of their most valuable customer segments – and to do this – utilize customer metrics and preferences to drive localized assortment and planograms. Creating relevant and rationalized assortments translates to efficiency in the supply chain.

SymphonyAI’s retail assortment planning and optimization solution is tightly integrated with demographic and customer loyalty data to enable intelligent store clustering. This not only means efficiency in the store, but also in the warehouse. There will always be some commonality between stores, but clearly understanding the different needs of each reduces significant waste in the value chain that culminates on each shelf.

customer focused assortment optimization

Consolidated data = maximum benefit with minimum product set

Concise, efficient product assortment optimization can only be achieved with the right data. But so many retailers have no way to consolidate disparate data and gain the needed insights from it. Without this insight, categories can confuse customers, actually limiting sales, wasting valuable shelf space on duplicative or lower-margin products.

Our retail assortment planning and optimization solution makes your assortment management process easy. You’ll consolidate multiple data sources and apply predictive analytics to create assortments that reflect local customer preferences and respect store space constraints. After all, what good is the perfect assortment if it doesn’t fit on the shelf?

assortment optimization software

End-to-end insights for execution

There’s big opportunity for retailers and manufacturers when the entire retail value chain that serves the assortment is optimized and connected. It’s key to ensure you’re selling the right products in the right stores, but they also need to be in the right space within these stores – and connected to your supply chain to guarantee on-shelf availability.

That’s why SymphonyAI product assortment optimization software seamlessly integrates with our macro and micro space planning solutions as well as our supply chain suite of solutions. This means retailers can make their entire end-to-end retail assortment planning processes highly efficient, while driving significant value for their categories and customers.

assortment optimization insights

There’s a large variation of store size from 3,000ft2 to 21,000ft2. That makes our assortment decisions pretty complicated, as we need to tailor the offer to meet customer needs in the smallest and largest outlets.

Mark Wilkinson Head of Space Planning
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