Connected Merchandising and Marketing

Macro Space Planning
Shelf Planning
Store Intelligence
Store Operations
Assortment Optimization
CINDE Insights
Personalized Marketing
Promotion Optimization
Demand Forecasting
Replenishment and Allocation
Supply Chain Intelligence
Supply Chain Management
Customer and Merchandising Intelligence
Store Intelligence
Supply Chain Intelligence

Quickly uncover complex insights and customer-centric recommendations at scale to drive rapid growth with AI-powered solutions​

Single platform focused on the needs of Retailers and CPGs to drive collaboration and data-driven decision making.

AI-driven analysis that provides the power of hundreds of data scientists at your fingertips.

On-demand prescriptive and predictive insights to anticipate and rapidly respond to changing shopper needs and trends.


improvement in offer redemption


reduction in inefficient promos 


faster assortment planning and execution 

The power of connectivity

The possibilities when Merchandising and Marketing solutions are connected to Store and Space, Supply Chain, and Data Collaboration and Monetization solutions

Reduce shrink and improve efficiency across fresh

Automated generation of promotions for excess / expiring inventory.

Fresh assortment optimization based on customer preferences and local supply availability.

Personalized offers based on where the shopper is in the store and what’s on hand.

Anticipate shelf disruptions before they happen

Proactively identify future supply chain gaps and activate alerts.

Identify optimal item replacement and deliver new planograms to impacted stores.

Interconnected data platform ensures continuous communication and product-to-shelf execution.

Merchandising and Marketing solutions suite

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