Localized, store-specific planograms increases customer satisfaction and sales. It’s a perfect fit.

There is a lot happening at the shelf. It’s where shoppers look intentionally for what they want and need and where they make on-the-spot purchase decisions. It’s also where store associates pick products to fulfill the orders of customers who shop online. But without the timely and consistent execution of optimized planograms at the store level that meet customer demand and expectations (across physical and digital channels), even the best-intentioned category management processes fall short.

We understand that there is more to shelf space planning than a generic planogram. Our shelf space planning and planogram optimization solution enables organizations to elevate retail – and customer satisfaction – by creating planograms tailored to clusters or individual stores and their customers. When used with assortment optimization, retailers and CPG manufacturers know their assortments will always fit the shelf space, offer the optimal selection in the right quantities and, most important, appeal to shoppers and deliver the capacity required for in-store fulfillment of online orders. The solution automates space planning at headquarters to ensure planograms are store-specific and seamlessly incorporate changes suggested by the local stores via real-time collaboration.

Key Capabilities

  • Enables creation of planograms that maximize space and efficiently execute demand-driven category and assortment management plans
  • Generates store-specific shelf layouts that ensure must-stock items are always included, and SKU adjacencies and merchandising blocking rules are consistent
  • Gives users the ability to build fixtures, maintain items, highlight performance, review plans in 3D, without starting from scratch each time
  • Automates the process for creating planograms specific to clusters or individual stores
  • Enables all stakeholders, at headquarters or in field, to collaborate on needed planogram changes in real time
  • Access real-time planogram information via the cloud, on any device, any time

Key Benefits

  • Generate customer-centric, localized planograms that can increase sales volume by over 30%
  • Optimize inventory of each product to customer and local preferences, while adhering to inventory rules, physical constraints and merchandising strategy
  • Facilitate internal (cross team) and external (retailer/manufacturer) collaboration

Shelf space planning and planogram products include:

  • SR Shelf Planning

    Shelf space planning and planogram optimization screenshotExecute retail space planning and create planograms that accurately represent category assortments and the shelf space and fixtures to which they relate – including comprehensive reporting, fixture building, item maintenance, highlighting, 3D visualization and days of supply balancing.



  • SR Planogram Automation

    Automate the production, merchandising, management and analysis of cluster and store specific planograms. SR Planogram Automation consumes space and inventory aware assortments generated by SR Assortment Optimization and then automatically builds retailer ready planograms.

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