Gain the greatest return on your promotional spend.

It’s well documented that approximately 25 – 40% of promotions are ineffective. This staggering statistic may stop you in your tracks or motivate you toward the tremendous opportunity to improve. Maybe it’s a focus on improving sales uplift, or perhaps, decreasing promotion investment. The bottom line? There’s big value on the table for the retailers that can understand and improve their promotion effectiveness – and who have the right tools to do it.

Our SR Promotions solution looks at promotional events holistically to help you maximize their performance. We incorporate analytics, predictive trade planning and optimization, for both retailers and manufacturers, to tell you how effective your past promotions were and to predict the outcome of future promotions.

Key Capabilities

  • Provides one version of the truth for all promotions
  • Identifies wasted expenditures
  • Analyzes multiple promotion plans with predictive analytics
  • Guides weekly ad optimization with store-wide perspective
  • Generates event-based circular design capability and optimization
  • Refreshes forecast models with machine learning capability

Key Benefits

  • Maximizes your budget, minimizes waste
  • Reduces time waste and “shot-in-the-dark” promotions for category managers
  • Produces greater accuracy of forecast over time
  • Provides AI-powered recommendations to enhance efficiency
  • Creates a market differentiator with the circular design feature

Promotions products include:

  • SR Promotion Planning

    Mine historical promotions that worked and should be repeated, leveraging forecasting and what-if scenarios to streamline your promotion planning process.

  • SR Promotion Evaluation

    Evaluate every promotion down to the UPC, store, day level based on an automated, analytical engine that measures, rates, and classifies key performance indicators.

  • SR Promotion Management

    Leverage a streamlined, intuitive workflow that fully integrates with the planning and evaluation modules for a closed loop, end-to-end promotion development process. Use strategic insights, to propose, plan and execute to third party advertising systems or agencies.

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