Track all key aspects of customer and product performance and drive sales.

What are the main drivers of sales changes? What are the sales within a customer segment, store or category? Ask away and let SR Customer Insights answer. Our sophisticated analytical tool brings together eight major categories to effectively track sales and customer trends – and answer the critical questions on the minds of category managers.

Respond faster to market changes having easy access to the solution’s deep analytical power. Composed of eight insight reports, you can skim to examine high-level trends or drill down into granular detail. SR Customer Insights includes Retailer Scorecard, Basket Analyzer, Customer Migration, Customer Profiler, Distribution Tracker, New Product Tracker, Switching Analyzer and Event Impact Analyzer. Together, they arm the busy category manager with everything needed to drive continued category growth.

Key Capabilities:

  • Tracks key category activities with intuitive, visual interface
  • Provides flexible visibility into tracking and analyzing category changes
  • Includes eight critical insight sets to quickly uncover issues and respond

Key Benefits:

  • Makes previously complex inquiry intuitive and easy, saving precious time for category managers
  • Enables faster response to market changes to seize opportunities and fight competition
  • The right information at the right time. Provides access to highly detailed or high-level information… as you need it.

Customer Insights products include:

  • SR Customer Insights

    Understand the customer journey through brand or products by: knowing who your buyers are and seeing how they interact with other products; understanding the baskets of the customers or buyers; having insight into item sales at division and individual store level, improving products’ success rate; knowing where products source sales from; improving promotional and merchandizing event effectiveness and understanding sales at the item level.

  • SR RSC Plus

    Utilize simple, powerful, instantaneous access to KPIs at all the critically important level of product, geography and time.


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