Understand shopper behavior. Confidently position product groupings.

We make proper product assortments more intelligent and automated by leveraging frequent shopper data. Our SR Customer Decision Tree+ solution does this by applying embedded algorithms — gained from our years of retail experience — to help category managers more effectively determine the best assortment mix as well as fulfillment frequency.

SR Customer Decision Tree+ establishes the decision-making criteria of shoppers. Is there price sensitivity? Should products be grouped to meet price or local preferences? The solution applies shopping-behavior data by location to generate localized planograms with the right product assortments – placed just right. And when customers always see a great balance of products on the shelf, they return time and time again. So get rid of spreadsheets and make the intelligent decision to please your customer – based on proven shopper insights.

Key Capabilities

  • Provides decision-based shopper insights to improve planograms
  • Guides category managers to design for aisle flow and adjacencies
  • Identifies similar groups of products that fulfill the same purchase need
  • Provides complementary and substitutable products as input to planograming

Key Benefits

  • Reduces personnel time by automating previously manual processes
  • Improves accuracy of outcome using deep analytics, replacing “gut feel” with science-based fact
  • Increases new product success for CPGs by identifying gaps in product types among competitive brands
  • Higher number and frequency of baskets through more shopper-centric planograms

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