Retail Category Managers


Category managers face many challenges and moving parts. With today’s shoppers having more choices than ever, every store must be exciting and precisely relevant – offering the right price, promotion, placement and product in the eyes of the consumer. And if customers face out of stocks, high prices or assortments that are not relevant – not matching their preferences – satisfaction and loyalty is diminished.

That’s why our Category Manager’s suite takes a holistic approach that streamlines everything for category insights, evaluation, planning and retail execution, while supporting easy collaboration with suppliers and colleagues at every stage. It transforms category management into a strategic differentiator.

But at Symphony Retail Ai, we’ve continued to innovate and are enabling our solutions with artificial intelligence and machine learning to help category managers derive even greater insights, make better decisions and realize more value. That’s why we introduced CINDE, short for Conversational INsights and Decision Engine, is our digital analytic assistant. She provides answers to highly detailed questions through use of deep analytics, data mining and immersive visualization into stores at department, planogram, and product level.

Solutions for Retail Category Managers


SR Category Overview

Master dashboard using CINDE, our digital assistant, that gives category managers the most relevant views across all aspects of performance data.

SR Customer Insights

Analyze eight major categories to effectively track sales and customer trends.

SR Promotions

Evaluate historical promotions that worked and should be repeated, leveraging forecasting and “what-if” scenarios to streamline the promotion planning process.

SR Assortment & Space

Deliver a holistic approach to the overall category management process, including cluster creation, building of space-aware assortments, planogram creation and more.

SR Supplier Collaboration

Enable retailers with processes and tools that facilitate better collaborative category planning and execution with supplier partners.

SR Joint Business Planning

Combine strategic planning with execution to enhance productivity and growth for CPGs and retailers through digitized best practices that accelerate planning, create accountability, and improve category execution.

SR Customer Decision Tree

Analyze how consumers shop a particular category or subcategory, discovering the key decision drivers for a purchase. It also identifies similar groups of products that fulfil the same purchase need and which products act as substitutes or complements to one another.

SR Inventory Insights

Business Intelligence, analytics and key performance indicators for replenishment.

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