Improve shopper-driven planning with retailers. Create assortments aligned with shopper behavior.

Business planning with your retail partners doesn’t have to be so hard. Yet typically it is expensive and disconnected from detailed category planning and execution. Symphony RetailAI, in association with The Partnering Group, simplifies this collaborative process by applying a proven customer-centric platform to a joint business planning solution. Our SR Joint Business Planning solution simulates best practices and process consulting and combines strategic planning with execution, enhancing productivity and growth for both manufacturers and retailers. The result? Increased shopper satisfaction and more sales.

Our solution enables CPG manufacturers and their retail partners to store information in a shared platform. As a manufacturer account manager, you’ll more easily collaborate with retail category managers using a single system to develop targeted assortments that match what shoppers want. It’s a powerful solution that paves the way for ongoing, collaborative innovation in product development, distribution and promotions.

Key Capabilities

  • Utilizes best practices and process consulting
  • Coordinates plans through a single system and “one version of the truth”
  • Provides actionable insights for making better, faster decisions
  • Monitors plan performance through shared metrics

Key Benefits

  • Improves assortments and satisfies shoppers
  • Enhances partnering, productivity and growth between suppliers and retailers
  • Increases efficiency allowing manufacturers to perform 10X the number of joint business plans
  • Automates customer and market data into DPSM decisions

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