CPG Category Managers

Visibility. To succeed in category management today, you must have it – visibility to data, customer behavior, sales targets and more. Without it, opportunities to create space-aware assortments, jointly plan and execute category strategies — and ultimately make better decisions — are missed . . . and creating a viable strategy is all but impossible. Yet, too often, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) category managers work at a big disadvantage. They lack a view of shopper understanding from retailers and the tools to make a difference in category execution. It’s effectively like working in the dark.

Instantly see what’s happening across the category

Our solutions give CPG category managers a clear view into the category performance across their retailer customers. With a composite view of all data, even when it’s purchased from multiple sources, our solution shows behavioral data in relation to sales at a national level. Tracking market share and consumer trends across retailers, geographies and categories becomes easy. And using our assortment tool — the most advanced in the market — category managers can apply predictive analytics and advanced space solutions to unlock previously hidden assortment recommendations at the store level.

Solutions for CPG Category Managers


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SR Joint Business Planning

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Enhance productivity and growth through use of digitized best practices that accelerate planning, institutionalize accountability and enhance execution for category execution.

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SR Assortment & Space

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Gain a holistic approach to the overall category management process, including category-specific cluster creation, automated building of localized, space-aware assortments, and more.

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