Leverage deep consumer insights to drive results.

Brand managers face many challenges in today’s dynamic marketing environment. Consumer brand affinities and purchase intent change frequently, making it difficult to monitor and react to those behaviors. In parallel, syndicated research is done in silos and lacks comprehensive and cohesive insights on cross-device, national vs. local, offline vs. online intent, opinions and attitudes. To meet these challenges and succeed, brand managers need a single source dataset that can be used from primary / syndicated research through activation.

Powered by Simmons Research, a partner of Symphony RetailAI, our SR Consumer and Brand Insights solution helps brand managers monitor consumer behaviors across channels and devices. We can help you measure and track shifts in brand affinities, loyalties and purchase intent using its National Consumer Study. Consumer behaviors are monitored across channels and devices at a national and local level across all DMAs. Simmons also passively measures mobile phone and tablet consumer behavior via an opt-in panel. These rich data sets can be used to study consumer behaviors and activated across several channels from addressable TV to all major digital channels.

Key Capabilities

  • Over 80,000 data variables
  • 8,000 brands and over 500 product categories
  • Over 600 attitudes and opinions
  • Media viewership across traditional and digital media
  • National and local measurement down to Zip+4 level

Key Benefits

  • Gain a complete view of target consumers by creating in-depth profiles about current and future customers, as well as those of the competition, to support segmentation, messaging, media planning, and product development
  • Confidently design, develop, plan, and execute meaningful brand experiences across all major media platforms, including new and traditional media, along with digital and mobile platforms
  • Enables managers to focus on their unique target customers, removing the guesswork from marketing optimization


Consumer and Brand Insights products include:

  • Simmons National Consumer Study

    Simmons’ consumer analytics provide deeper insights into the American consumer. Agencies, advertisers and media companies leverage their unique combination of demographic, psychographic, attitudinal, and behavioral data to refine consumer targets and inform engagement strategies. Simmons NCS continuously measures over 60,000 consumer attributes including usage and affinity on 8000+ brands and products, and 1000+ psychographics.

  • Simmons Connect

    Creating meaningful connections with consumers in an increasingly fragmented media environment requires marketers to fully understand their target customers’ evolving media habits, including use of new and emerging devices. Simmons Connect enables more effective media planning and greater understanding of brand value across the entire media ecosystem by combining reach and engagement measures across traditional, digital, and mobile platforms with the trusted Simmons consumer profiles.

  • SimmonsLOCAL

    From the products Americans buy to consumer attitudes and lifestyles, SimmonsLOCAL reports on the robust geographic nuances of all of America’s 209 media markets. Through a single powerful database, SimmonsLOCAL delivers superior local consumer insights that drive consumer targeting, market evaluation, and media planning decisions. SimmonsLOCAL includes the same in-depth, trusted information on lifestyles, attitudes, purchase behaviors, and media usage as the Simmons National Consumer Study.


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