CPG Brand Managers

Attitudinal. Demographic. Psychographic. Behavioral. There are a lot of angles to truly understanding the consumer. Add to this – for brand managers – attempting to track dynamic changes in consumer brand affinities and purchase intents. A particularly difficult challenge. That’s because syndicated research data is often dispersed in silos, fragmented, and as a result, not available as cohesive insights – ones that easily can be turned into immediate actions that make a difference to the business.

Access deep consumer insights to deliver better results

Our solutions help CPG brand managers to monitor consumer behaviors across channels and devices. Simmons Research, a partner company of Symphony RetailAI, provides the highest quality, single-source consumer insights available. As a brand manager, you’ll easily measure and track the previously elusive shifts in customer brand affinities, loyalties and purchase intentions.

Solutions for CPG Brand Managers


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SR Consumer & Brand Insights

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Access a wealth of demographic and behavioral data to inform customer engagement strategies. Create meaningful connections by fully understanding target customers and media habits. Gain a view into the nuances of local media markets.

SR Product Innovation+

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Validate your innovations before launch and execute the right initiative at the right place and time. Gain objective feedback from a large number of customers vs. the traditional small focus groups. Track launches and identify opportunities for improving products’ success rate.

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