Artificial Intelligence-enabled Personalized Marketing

What would a 2x improvement in offer redemption mean for you as a retail marketer?

You may have lots of data, but do you really know your customers?

Today, smart retail marketers understand that their customers are just a click away from shopping elsewhere. Do you really know your customers, their preferences and purchasing habits? More importantly do you know what they’re buying from your competitor not you?

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The best way to increase basket size and trip frequency

It’s your customers that decide whether you are relevant and if what you have to offer matters to them. With our AI-enabled, retail-specific marketing platform you can move beyond traditional methods and use new approaches to show your customers you’re listening.

See how Food City increased their basket spend.

Generate relevant, unique offers that your customers will love.

Imagine if you could consistently personalize offers and delight your customers so they not only feel they have a 1:1 relationship with your brand, they actually do. That’s where Symphony RetailAI comes in. We put sophisticated targeting and offer management control into the hands of you and your retail marketing team.

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True omnichannel marketing made easy

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