AI-enabled forecasting & replenishment in retail

By Brian Kilcourse, Managing Partner

AI-enabled forecasting & replenishment in retail

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For some retailers, demand planning is more art than science. However, unpredictable customer demands, diverse selling channels and ever-increasing complexity in the supply chain – where demand is triggered and where it is fulfilled may not be the same place – have caused demand forecasting tools to bubble to the top of retailers’ “very important technologies”. In fact, 71% of retailers agree that normalizing historical sales data and adding in seasonal data is no longer enough.

This Viewpoint, developed in collaboration with RSR Research Managing Partner Brian Kilcourse, covers the key factors affecting retail demand planning today and why the time is right for implementing AI-enabled forecasting & replenishment tools.

With this viewpoint by RSR Research you’ll discover:

  • How AI will enable better identification of like promotions and automate product affinity groupings
  • Why external factors such as weather, competitive promotional activity, social media influences, etc, will be integral to the forecasting process
  • And how an effective AI engine will scrutinize and assist in cleansing base data – critical for effective forecasts

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