AI Brings Precision to Grocery Assortment Optimization

Put customer relevancy at the heart of your assortment curation.

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A perspective on marketing in the grocery, convenience, healthcare and pet speciality sectors

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In today’s retail environment, the proliferation of cloud computing is enabling big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to give grocers the opportunity and power to make the assortment management and optimization process even more timely, precisely aligned to customer needs and behaviors and, ultimately, more profitable. These sophisticated solutions provide a deeper understanding of the what, why, and how behind consumer purchasing decisions. They support a retailer’s understanding of how and when these factors change and what influences the many shifts in the market.

This whitepaper will explore assortment optimization challenges currently faced by the grocery industry and how AI can help overcome these challenges and deliver greater efficiencies and profitability.

In this viewpoint you will discover how AI can:

  • Provide a timely, comprehensive, and deep understanding of consumer shopping patterns.
  • Continuously refine, update, and analyze data samples in real time and make product recommendations based on what works.
  • Curate micro assortments and determine accurate stock levels with relevant product and category adjacencies, effective pricing, and profitable promotions.

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