1 + 1 = 3. Drive better business outcomes with collaboration.

It’s a simple equation. When manufacturers work together with retailers, they drive better results. That’s why we designed our SR Retailer Collaboration solution to make it easy for manufacturers and retailers to get on the same page. With a shared view into real-time data and insights, manufacturers can get the most from their trade funds and ensure retailers are working in tandem to improve results.

Our solutions support joint business and category management planning and establish a common language between retailers and manufacturers. Having access to a “single view of the truth” allows both parties to stay in sync and execute coordinated marketing efforts. With stronger, technology-enabled relationships with retailers, campaigns are more effective and both parties get the most out of their promotional investments. It just adds up.

Key Capabilities

  • Optimize marketing spend
  • A shared platform for manufacturer-retailer collaboration
  • A unified view of insights to align activities
  • Support more customer-focused decisions

Key Benefits

  • Improves joint business, category and marketing planning
  • Increases productivity through more efficient use of category managers’ time
  • Both manufacturer and retailer can achieve higher ROI from promotional investments

Retailer Collaboration products include:

  • SR Retailer Collaboration Overview

    Category managers get the most relevant views across every aspect of performance data through a master dashboard.

  • SR Category Overview

    Gain exceptional, targeted insights driving focused questions and insights moving to rewarding business understanding.

  • SR Customer Insight Reports

    Understand the customer journey through brand or products by: knowing who your buyers are and seeing how they interact with other products; understanding the baskets of the customers or buyers; having insight into item sales at division and individual store level, improving the products’ success rate; knowing where products source sales from; improving promotional and merchandizing event effectiveness and understanding sales at the item-level.

  • SR Customer Decision Tree+

    A powerful tool that analyzes consumer purchase behavior. Specifically, it can be utilized to understand how consumers shop a particular category/subcategory, what the key decision drivers are for a purchase, how to identify similar groups of products that fulfil the same purchase need, and which products act as substitutes or complements of one another. This capability will provide competitive advantage in category management, planning and assortment decisions.

  • SR Precision Test and Learn

    Enables retailers and CPGs to validate their innovations and initiatives before a full-scale launch. A statistical model generates the test and control stores and enables the category management teams to run tests and monitor progress over the duration of the test. This leads to actionable insights that helps execute the right initiative at the right place at the right time.

  • SR RSC+

    Have simple, powerful, instantaneous access to KPIs at all the critically important levels – product, store and time.

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