CPG Account Managers

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers require a lot of data to remain competitive, but without the right management and collaboration tools, strategic growth can be elusive. In addition, CPGs and retailers need deep collaboration using shared data to improve planning, execution and tracking – all in a coordinated effort to increase category sales and achieve brand growth.

Complex to simple, siloed to shared

Our solutions for key account managers makes an otherwise difficult job much easier. You’ll work smarter, with fewer mistakes and missed opportunities. We enable account managers to synchronize activities with retail category managers across customer trends, shelving, merchandising and price/promotion to increase brand growth. With comprehensive reports and analytics, CPG manufacturers and retailers rely on the same data and make decisions for joint planning, execution and tracking. The only thing you’ll miss is the complexity.

Solutions for CPG Account Managers


SR Retailer Collaboration

See the most relevant views across every aspect of performance data. Gain targeted insights, understand the customer journey, have instant access to KPIs and more.

SR Promotion Collaboration

Leverage an intuitive workflow that fully integrates with the planning and evaluation modules for end-to-end promotion development process to plan and execute third-party advertising systems or agencies.

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