Symphony Retail Ai is the leading global provider of Artificial Intelligence-enabled decision platforms, solutions and customer-centric insights that drive validated growth for retailers and CPG manufacturers, from customer intelligence to personalized marketing, and merchandising and category management, to supply chain and retail operations.

Our organization is innovating rapidly to drive faster, more profitable decisions through AI, machine learning and voice technologies. We are trusted by over 1,200 organizations including 15 of the world’s 25 largest grocery retailers, thousands of retail brands, and hundreds of national and regional chains worldwide to help solve their toughest business problems, through AI-powered customer intelligence and retail solutions.

Symphony Retail Ai announced its formation Jan 11 2018, incorporating Symphony GOLD and Symphony EYC into the company as new divisions.

  • A new brand founded on over 25 years of retail and CPG leadership
    Symphony Retail Ai was formed in January 2018 as the new, single go-to-market brand encompassing Symphony GOLD and Symphony EYC. Rebranding as Symphony Retail Ai was the next evolution in our exciting journey and will accelerate our ability to help retailers and CPG manufacturers compete and win in the face of increasing competition driven by the likes of Amazon, Walmart and the discount chains.
  • Retail Solutions Division (formerly Symphony GOLD)
    Renamed as the company’s Retail Solutions Division, for over 25 years Symphony GOLD has been the provider of the industry-leading GOLD unified software platform for omni-channel retail, helping high volume and CPG retailers grow revenue and margins through localized, space-aware assortments and pricing, improved inventory deployment and availability, and increased operational productivity. The organization has delivered results for some of the world’s most known retail brands and consumer goods manufacturers for more than 30 years in over 70 countries, enabling them to provide their shoppers with better value, greater convenience and improved choice.
  • Customer Intelligence Division (formerly Symphony EYC)
    Symphony EYC, now renamed as the Customer Intelligence Division of Symphony Retail Ai, was a leading provider of software and services for insights-driven customer engagement, partnering with leading retailers and manufacturers in over 70 countries to deliver increased margins, profits and loyalty by enabling a more consistent customer retail experience. The simple, intuitive cloud-based software apps, big data analytic solutions and services, as well as the organization’s innovative omni-channel loyalty management platform, have enabled value creating customer-centric retailing opportunities that align to delight existing and attract new customers.
  • Why the focus on Artificial Intelligence now?
    The technology capability to be able to deliver real decision support and intelligence systems, has come of age and FMCG retail has a lot of questions, data and deep details to deliver. We launched CINDE (Conversation INsights and Decision Engine), the first and only digital analytic assistant specifically for grocery and hard goods retail. CINDE incorporates Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, natural language speech technology, and immersive visualization in a prescriptive analytics system that is visually rich and easy to use. Initially used in our retail category managers and CPG category managers suite of applications, we are committed to aggressively bringing CINDE skills to other areas across marketing, merchandising and supply chain.
  • Meet the Executive Management team

    Dr. Pallab Chatterjee

    Chairman & CEO, Symphony Retail Ai

    Prior to the formation of Symphony Retail Ai, Dr. Pallab Chatterjee was Managing Director and Operating Partner of Symphony Technology Group,  Chairman of Symphony Retail Solutions and CEO of Symphony EYC. Previously Chatterjee was CEO of i2 Technologies, Inc. where he earlier held the role of President of Solutions Operations. Before joining i2, he spent 24 years at Texas Instruments in various executive management positions. Dr. Chatterjee also serves on the board of directors for SSC, Teleca and MSC Software. Dr. Chatterjee received his Bachelor degree from IIT-Kharagpur, India and a Master’s and Doctorate degree in electrical engineering from University of Illinois.


    Graeme Cooksley

    CEO & President, Retail Solutions Division, Symphony Retail Ai

    Graeme Cooksley is responsible for the global operations of Symphony Retail Ai’s Retail Solutions Division, continuing the CEO & President role he held at Symphony GOLD. Previously, Cooksley was Head of Europe & International for Symphony GOLD, with responsibility for overseeing sales and service operations as well as developing the Channels operation. He has over 25 years of international experience focused on the enterprise software industry within both private and public companies. Cooksley has held a variety of executive positions including President and Chief Operating Officer of a leading European retail technology provider, as well as Executive Vice President of SSA Global Technologies and Chief Executive Officer of Baan NV.


    Todd Sanders

    Chief Financial Officer, Symphony Retail Ai

    Todd Sanders is responsible for the finance and IT operations globally. With over 17 years of diversified international finance and operational experience, Sanders has held various roles as Chief Financial Officer, Vice President Finance, Controller, Financial Reporting and Sales Operations. Prior to joining Symphony Retail Ai, Sanders was Vice President of Business Services for a rapidly growing global retail technology provider and also held various senior financial management roles, focusing on revenue growth initiatives, productivity improvements and cost management activities to improve profitability and cash flow.

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